Steering Committee Members

The Steering Committee (SC) is composed of a small group of parents within the forum.


The role of the SC is:  

  1. To craft the forum strategic objectives, priority actions and an annual calendar of activities in consultation with the forum members

  2. To manage and monitor the funds

  3. To liaise with the Local Authority (LA) and voice the needs and co

  4. Concerns of CPCF members

  5. To participate in relevant meetings (other forums, conferences, workshops), signpost and inform CPCF members about relevant SEND issues and events


  6. The Steering Committee currently consists of the following members.


Harshita Patel


My ten-year-old son attends The Garden School in Hackney. He loves swimming, yoga, and singing. I am ambitious about creating opportunities for our children to join in and be a part of existing communities within the Square Mile and beyond. My passion drives me to make changes through my work with the Parent Carer Forum. I am also Co-Chair of the SEND Board at the City of London.

Author of:



Co-Production Facilitator

Nadene is the mother of a 17-year-old with Autism and she is the founder of Voices for Autism, a non-profit organisation that supports parents and carers of SEN individuals. Nadene has a wide network of contacts and first hand experience on SEN practical issues, she is familiar with community outreach and engagement processes and she has solid experience in running a small organisation like CPCF