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SEND City Together

Working for a Brighter Future

We organise informal monthly gatherings to brainstorm and share our experiences. We also offer specific SEND friendly events and workshops for members to learn, have fun and socialise – Feel free to suggest a topic or request a speaker of your choice or concern.

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SEND Sports

We have teamed up with Fusion Lifestyle. They are able to host a range of specialist sports and leisure activities for SEND children and their parent/carers.

For more information about the scheme please contact
General Manager: Leon Bogle

Telerphone Number: 02072501464
based at Golden Lane Sports Centre, Fann Street, Golden Lane Estate, EC1Y 0SH

One parent said;

“To have sports provision with instructors who know how to manage to SEND kids is fantastic, and it’s great for these children to be involved in a team that meets their needs - rather than mainstream sports provision which can leave our kids behind”.


Another parent said;

“It so great to have a proper football coach teaching my son. All he ever talked about was being part of a football Team and these sessions have been brilliant”.

SEND Football

Ages 7-12


16:30 - 17:30     

£5.00 per session


Ages 13-25


17:30 - 18:30

£4.20 per session

Icon Mark FC - Football.png
Icon Mark WO - Gym.png
  • With focus on improving their skills across all areas, passing, dribbling, shooting, defending attacking.

  • The sessions usually include around two participants and we do drills based on the areas above.

  • The aim is to teach the basis of football; how to warm up and why we warm up, etc.

  • Promoting encouraging behaviours such as teamwork, motivating their peers and, most importantly, having fun.


Icon Mark FC - Swim.png

Ages 7-12

Monday,Tuesday & Saturday 

Times - TBA

£5.00 per session

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